Tickets sale, information about events on sale

1. I am unable to log into the webshop.
If this is the first time you are shopping with us, you must first register in our webshop. The log in for the Ticketpro Club differs from the webshop login. Information about ticket prices can be found in the details for each event or by clicking on our Ticket link. By clicking on this link, you will be directed to our webshop where you can shop by category and price. It is not necessary to fill out any information to simply browse through our shop.
2. How can I purchase tickets online?

Please consult section “ABOUT US – E-TICKET” and “BUSNESS CONDITIONS” before you begin buying tickets. Our purchasing process is thoroughly explained.

3. Where can I find information about events on sale and tickets?

Please check our website and sections “ABOUT US – E-TICKETS” and “BUSNESS CONDITIONS”. You will learn about our online purchase possibilities, various Points of Sale, bank transfers, courier delivery, bulk orders… Before you write or call us, please read all the instructions on our website carefully. To order tickets, please email us at To shop in our webshop, please make sure that your credit card is authorized by your bank for internet payments. If this not the case, the payment will not be processed and the tickets will be returned for sale.

4. Where are the Points-of-Sale of Ticketpro Bulgaria situated?

Please check section “TICKET OUTLETS”. There you will find an explicit list of our outlets and you can even see their location on the map.

5. New way of login into Ticketpro Web Shop

Dear Customer,

we´d like to inform you that the way you log in to Ticketpro web shop has been changed.  The abandoned method allowed you to log in with a username of your choice along with your password. The new login method uses your e-mail address (instead of user name) and the password.

Your account has been automatically modified in the way described above, which means that your user name has been replaced by your e-mail. Your password hasn´t been changed. For any future visit of Ticketpro web shop please use your e-mail address to log in.

FAQ for Ticketpro web shop account:

I forgot my password for Web shop

Please click and follow the instruction given on the site to renew your password.

I want to deactivate my account.

Please log in to Ticketpro web shop site

and click on Deactivate account link under Update contact menu.

I am a member of Ticketpro club. Will this change affect my Ticketpro club log in details?

No, your login details for Ticketpro club

remain unchanged.

If you wish for any additional assistance please contact us at