Oct 30, 2008

TICKETPRO is a leading provider of ticketing services in the field of live events, concerts, exhibitions, theater productions, sporting events, cinema presentations, etc. In every marketplace where it is active, TICKETPRO services the high majority of the most prestigious international touring attractions as well as the most reputable local entertainment facilities and promoters.

TICKETPRO, via its brand name or through the use of its technology, is already present in many countries worldwide, to name a few - United States, Hungary, Poland, Canada, the Czech Republic, Italy, Malaysia, India, China, as well as it shall be soon in many more. Through its distribution networks consisting of hundreds of points of sale, its call centers and its Internet sites, TICKETPRO sells millions of tickets every year for thousands of events.

Since the launch of its first operation in the Czech Republic, in September 1992 - at the time it was still part of Czechoslovakia - TICKETPRO has been selling tickets for the most famous entertainers such as Robbie Williams, Rolling Stones, U2, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Maestro Luciano Pavarotti, Bob Dylan, Genesis, David Bowie, Eric Clapton....

TICKETPRO is expanding practically every day. At the end of January 2006 our country joined the family of this multinational company with the launched of the www.ticketpro.bg.

TICKETPRO has the exclusive rights for ticket sales for the majority of Depeche Mode world tour concerts in the whole Central and Eastern Europe region. This means that people can buy tickets for these concerts only via TICKETPRO networks.

As it is the case for all other marketplaces where TICKETPRO is active a Service Charge is added.

This Service Charge will help Ticketpro to expand its services across Bulgaria in order to quickly be able to cater to every significant event and every reputable event organizers of the country. These services having been developed by a team of top professional in the field of entertainment, are constantly being updated in order to respond to the change of the marketplace and the habits of the consumers as well as all the requests of the live event business, all this in the most secure environment possible.

TICKETPRO materialized in Bulgaria with the sales of tickets for the "once in a life time" Depeche Mode concert in Sofia's Locomotiv Stadium on June 21st 2006.

In the coming months TICKETPRO will provide the Bulgarian fans with the opportunity to buy tickets for events presented in several other countries.

TICKETPRO is committed to provide Bulgaria with the same high standard of quality it is providing the rest of the world.




Ticketpro shall notify all Bulgarian promoters that during 1.10.2012 - 31.12.2012 reduces its standard commission to 2%.